Crystal Clear Safe Swimming Pool Water

Pool Water Treatment Technology

Starline offer a wide range of swimming pool technology for maintaining Safe crystal Clear pool water. Almost all Starline systems are developed and tested into use and all elements are compatible with each other and suited to each Starline pool.

Options include for complete Ozone systems, UV sterilisation and Ionisation through to fully automatic dosing systems.

The Starline Ozonator produces a gas, which comprises of three oxygen atoms, O₃, instead of the normal, familiar O₂. This gas is called trioxygen, or ozone, named after the Greek word for smell, from the peculiar odour during lightening storms.

Ozone is the fastest acting disinfection and oxidation agent for swimming pool water. It is extremely effective against bather pollutants, which can be a contributory factor to the all too common eye irritation and ‘swimming pool water smell’.

The Starline Ozonator produces ozone via the Corona discharge method, which subjects oxygen molecules to a very high electrical discharge (hence the reference to odours in lightening storms as mentioned earlier) to split oxygen (O₂) to allow some oxygen molecules to reform as ozone (O₃).

This constant maximum ozone emission is mixed with the pool water in the Starline Ozonator Degasser, which is a contact vessel allowing the ozone to have more time mixing with and completely sterilising the pool water making the process much more effective. Ozone is also has an extremely effective micro-flocculation process which helps achieve fantastically clear, sparkling pool water.

Any un-used ozone is vented through a carbon pot on the top of the degasser and destroyed, preventing any ozone finding its way back to the pool.

A secondary disinfectant is normally required, and this is normally in the form of a very low chlorine residual.

The Starline UV disinfection ensures clean, fresh and clear water in an efficient and environmentally friendly way. The water flows through the UV-C device and the UV-C radiation neutralises bacteria, viruses and other primitive organisms and stops them from reproducing.

The Starline UV disinfection has a built in high frequency electronic regulator. This regulator absorbs current fluctuations and therefore protects the lamp.

The device also includes an integrated time counter that accurately monitors the number of operating hours. You can see precisely when the lamp needs to be replaced. The connection is also transparent, so you can see directly whether the lamp is still producing light.

The stainless steel internal surface also ensures replection of the UV-C radiation, which increases the efficiency by up to 35%.

Thanks to the Starline UV disinfection, your water will be disinfected efficiently and safely and you maintain excellent water quality.

The Starline Ionisator treats the pool water with positively charged copper ions, which act as an algaecide, and positively charged silver ions, which act as a bactericide.

The Starline Ionisator consists of a control unit to ensure the fully automatic control of the ionisation process and a grey electrode cell, which is plumbed into the pool pipework.

The electrode is automatically cleaned once a minute during use and is recommended to be checked for wear and tear during the swimming pools annual service.

The Ioniser system consists of an electronic vessel with copper and silver electrode to be installed into the pipework, an electronic control unit and a copper test kit.