A Starline Roldeck Pool Cover has so many advantages that it is essential for any swimming pool. First and foremost a Starline Roldeck increases safety. The Cover also keeps the swimming pool cleaner, protecting the pool from dirt and debris meaning you spend less time on maintenance. A Starline Roldeck also has the advantage that it retains and generates heat. An attractive addition to your pool, they also come with a remote control to activate the Cover from a distance and they can be supplied with a Starline Childproof Lock.

Accessoire Afdekking

Safety first

Starline Roldeck Covers can be integrated with the Starline Monoblock pools to maximise safety


Smooth Integration

The Starline Roldeck is incorporated into the Starline Monoblock for a perfect, aesthetically pleasing finish, built in to be completely invisible.


Range Of Slat Options

Starline offer a rings of slats to optimise aesthetics, insulation, solar gain and durability.