Pool Water Heating

Pool Water Heating Options

Starline offer a number of Pool Water Heating options, including air to water Heat Pumps and simple Heat Exchangers.

Each client will have differing requirements and Starline will tailor the recommended Heating option for your pool to take into account the flexibility requirements, length of season and pool environment.

The recommended start to considering the preferred pool heating for your project would be to consider the two main options. Direct heating will give you full flexibility and in-direct not so much.


What this means is that a domestic boiler, for example supplied by your plumber/builder, would be connected to a Heat Exchanger, supplied by Starline, both located in the plant room – this is direct heating as the boiler will produce heat whatever the weather or time of year.


In-direct heating is something like an air to water heat pump. Very efficient and cheaper to run but they do rely on the heat in the air so will be turned on in April and left running to keep the pool heated, you can't turn it off on a Monday and expect it to heat the pool back up overnight on a Friday.


Also, as an example should you decide to turn the heating off just after the school holidays in September then find that we are having an Indian summer and want to heat the pool up for the October half term a heat pump will not do this easily unless oversized, but a Heat Exchanger system would.


Starline will work with you to go through your options and ensure that the pool heating system chosen will match your needs.