Sleek design with a great mirror effect. Overflowing waterline coming right up to the coping stones.


Nexxt Line | Starline Pool - Sleek Design
Sleek design

Its sleek design gives Nexxt Line an exclusive look and feel. The infinity feature creates a lovely mirror effect.

Nexxt Line | Starline Pool - infinity pool
Infinity pool

The water flows over the coping stones and disappears without a sound.

Nexxt Line | Starline Pool - Floating Entrance Steps
Floating entrance steps

Give your Nexxt extra allure with lovely floating entrance steps.


Nexxt Line
Available colors
8m | 10m | 12m
Standing ledge
Safety rim
Entrance steps
Various features
Integrated Roldeck®
Watertightness of vinylester
Lifetime guarantee

Nexxt 80

length : 8m | Width : 4,10m | Depth : 1,60m Volume: 46000 liter

Nexxt Line | Starline Pool - Construction 80

Nexxt 100

length : 10m | Width : 4,10m | Depth : 1,60m Volume: 58000 liter

Nexxt Line | Starline Pool - Construction 100

Nexxt 120

length : 12m | Width : 4,10m | Depth : 1,60m Volume: 70000 liter

Nexxt Line | Starline Pool - Construction 120


Nexxt Line infinity Pools

Our brand-new Nexxt Line infinity swimming pools allow the water to subtly melt into its surroundings. The waterline comes to the same height as the terrace, creating a mirror effect. Their simplicity gives Nexxt infinity pools a powerful look. The designs of the pools have sleek lines and corners. The architectural experience is enhanced by the overflowing waterline. A subtle open seam between the coping stones allows the water to disappear without a trace.

Combined with the gorgeous floating design entrance steps, it makes for a lovely complete look. These optional entrance steps are a treat for the eyes and make entering and exiting the infinity pool very easy.  The evening hours will be an absolute joy with your lit infinity pool. Exquisite lighting gives this line an extra exclusive look and feel.

Nexxt infinity pools are suitable for indoors or outdoors and come in three different lengths. Furthermore, these swimming pools can be fitted with all kinds of accessories, such as a jetstream or a waterfall. Opting for a matching cover reduces maintenance and provides a feeling of safety.

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