Minimalist design with sleek lines. High waterline directly below the coping stones.


Nova Line | Starline Pool - Minimalist Design
Minimalist design

With sleek lines, this swimming pool would fit perfectly in a modern garden.

Nova Line | Starline Pool - High Waterline
High waterline

The innovative skimmer system creates a beautiful high waterline, directly below the coping stones.

Nova Line | Starline Pool - Various Corner steps
Various corner steps

Various entrance steps available. E.g. anti-slip steps spanning the entire width of the pool.


Nova Line
Available colors
6m | 8m | 10m | 12m
3m | 4,10m
1,50m | 1,55m
Standing ledge
Safety rim
Optional safety rail
Entrance steps
Various features
Integrated Roldeck??
Watertightness of vinylester
Lifetime guarantee

Nova 60

length : 6m | Width : 3m | Depth : 1,50m Volume: 28000 liter

Nova 60 Blauw

Nova 80

length : 8m | Width : 4,10m | Depth : 1,55m Volume: 45000 liter

Nova 80 Blauw

Nova 100

length : 10m | Width : 4,10m | Depth : 1,55m Volume: 57000 liter

Nova 100 Blauw

Nova 120

length : 12m | Width : 4,10m | Depth : 1,55m Volume: 69000 liter

Nova 120 Blauw


Nova Line swimming pools

Nova Line swimming pools have a minimalist design with sleek lines. The high waterline directly below the coping stones creates the unique Nova Line look. That is facilitated by the innovative skimmer system. The skimmers are integrated at the top of the pool wall, creating a nice high waterline. Their position right below the border stones at the short side of the pool make them almost invisible.??

The optional Nova swimming pool steps have straight steps spanning the entire width of the pool. The steps have an anti-slip texture for a safe entrance. These steps have a special structure, facilitating a built-in housing under the steps for a swimming pool cover. Another option is the Nexxt entrance steps. These can be installed in all Nova models. The Nova models come in three lengths.

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